Living rods & Structures

Living rods & Structures

On this page you will find a selection of long length living willow ideal for creating your own Living Willow project. There are also some Living Willow kits designed by us which come with everything that you need including full instructions. Also you can buy Jon Warnes fantastic book on building living structures.

Willow is wonderful for creating living structures which are a fantastic addition to your garden and will give interest and pleasure for many years. Why not involve the children in building one of our igloo or tipee kits below? They will grow year after year and give lots of fun and pleasure. Alternatively why not buy some living willow rods and design your own structure, have a look at Jon Warnes' book for some fantastic ideas!

My favourite is the selection of different coloured rods which will give your structure extra interest with strong winter colours and a variety of different catkins and leaf shapes. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Flexitie flexible string

We use this tie for all our fedges and willow structures and we supply it in our living willow kits. Flexitie is soft and stretchy and expands as the ...
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