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- Hedging & Windbreak

Many varieties of willow are fast growing and will quickly establish to provide a substantial screen or hedge. They are easy to grow and can offer protection from the wind to delicate plants, shelter and shade to animals, and will screen unsightly areas from view. Some varieties will grow up to 9 feet (3 meters) in their first year and will exceed this after pollarding in subsequent years.

We have chosen some of our most vigorous varieties for this collection (don’t plant these near any buildings!) as well as including those we think have the best shape to form an attractive hedge.

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Order Caprea Lemon-rose 

Caprea Lemon-rose



Price from: £3.60

Order Speciality Selection - Hedging & Windbreak 

Speciality Selection - Hedging & Windbreak

A selection of cuttings from our best hedging and windbreak willow varieties


Price from: £6.99

Order William Rogers 

William Rogers

Purpurea x Daphnoides


Price from: £3.60

Order Rouge DOrleans 

Rouge DOrleans

Salix Eriocephala


Price from: £3.60

Order Semperflorens 


Almond Leaved or French Willow


Price from: £3.60

Order Swedish Osier 

Swedish Osier

Viminalis x Viminalis


Price from: £3.60

Order Viminalis x Triandra x Viminalis 

Viminalis x Triandra x Viminalis

Fast growing variety for fuel, windbreak and screening


Price from: £3.60

Order Daphnoides Deep Purple 

Daphnoides Deep Purple

Daphnoides Deep Purple


Price from: £3.60

Order Golden Willow 

Golden Willow

Alba x Vitellina


Price from: £3.60

Order Harrisons 


Purpurea x Viminalis x Rubra


Price from: £3.60


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