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- for Floristry

If you like flower arranging then you will love willow!

Our collection boasts masses of wonderful greenery with a variety of different leaf shapes and colours; the most gorgeous stems with different textures, colours, and shapes; dramatic winter buds and new spring growth; and an abundance of beautiful catkins to boot! Use dried for a stunning interior design project or create a wonderful fresh arrangement to complement your flowers.

Have a look at this Youtube video, it shows the amazing variety of catkins that our willow create, fantastic in an arrangement!


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Order Caprea Lemon-rose 

Caprea Lemon-rose



Price from: £3.60

Order Speciality Selection - Floristry 

Speciality Selection - Floristry

A selection of cuttings from some of our best willow for flower arranging


Price from: £7.25

Order Goldstones 


Salix Purpurea


Price from: £3.60

Order Bori Pescara 

Bori Pescara



Price from: £3.60

Order Blue Stem Willow 

Blue Stem Willow

Irrorata, blue stem willow


Price from: £3.60

Order Contorta 


Matsudana Tortuosa


Price from: £3.60

Order Daphnoides Deep Purple 

Daphnoides Deep Purple

Daphnoides Deep Purple


Price from: £3.60

Order Golden Willow 

Golden Willow

Alba x Vitellina


Price from: £3.60

Order Sachalinensis  

Sachalinensis "Sekka"

Dragon or Fish Tail willow


Price from: £3.60

Order Harrisons 


Purpurea x Viminalis x Rubra


Price from: £3.60


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