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- Basketry Willows

If you are growing willow to weave we have over 25 different varieties in our collection, each one chosen for its own special characteristics. These include different colours, textures, rod lengths and thicknesses. We have varieties suitable for very delicate work through to varieties perfect for making robust garden structures and agricultural weaves. Colours range from nearly black through mahogany, red, orange, and yellow to a variety of greens.

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Order Speciality Selection - Basketry 

Speciality Selection - Basketry

A selection of cuttings from some of our finest basketry willows


Price from: £6.99

Order William Rogers 

William Rogers

Purpurea x Daphnoides


Price from: £3.60

Order Bori Pescara 

Bori Pescara



Price from: £3.60

Order Blue Stem Willow 

Blue Stem Willow

Irrorata, blue stem willow


Price from: £3.60

Order Daphnoides Deep Purple 

Daphnoides Deep Purple

Daphnoides Deep Purple


Price from: £3.60

Order Golden Willow 

Golden Willow

Alba x Vitellina


Price from: £3.60

Order Harrisons 


Purpurea x Viminalis x Rubra


Price from: £3.60

Order Brittany Green 

Brittany Green



Price from: £3.60

Order Jaune de Falaise 

Jaune de Falaise

Alba x Fragilis


Price from: £3.60

Order Austrian Grey 

Austrian Grey

Triandra Austrian Grey


Price from: £3.60


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