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- for Winter Colour

Willow can offer some of the best colour available to your garden during the winter months. In addition, many of the varieties have very attractive buds and will produce an abundance of pretty catkins and bright new growth in the spring. Some will also develop unusual contorted stems adding even more interest in the winter garden. This collection contains the varieties that we feel display the best possible colour. Have a look through the varieties shown below, the colours range from bright yellows and greens through oranges and reds, to burgundy, mahogany, and almost black.

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Order Speciality Selection - Winter Colour 

Speciality Selection - Winter Colour

A selection of cuttings from some of our most colourful winter willows


Price from: £6.99

Order Rouge DOrleans 

Rouge DOrleans

Salix Eriocephala


Price from: £3.60

Order Bori Pescara 

Bori Pescara



Price from: £3.60

Order Red Curly 

Red Curly

Red Curly Erythroflexuosa


Price from: £3.60

Order Blue Stem Willow 

Blue Stem Willow

Irrorata, blue stem willow


Price from: £3.60

Order Daphnoides Deep Purple 

Daphnoides Deep Purple

Daphnoides Deep Purple


Price from: £3.60

Order Golden Willow 

Golden Willow

Alba x Vitellina


Price from: £3.60

Order Sachalinensis  

Sachalinensis "Sekka"

Dragon or Fish Tail willow


Price from: £3.60

Order Harrisons 


Purpurea x Viminalis x Rubra


Price from: £3.60

Order Pyrifolia 


Balsam Willow


Price from: £3.60


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