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Willow for Artists, Designers & Florists


We continue to be amazed at the projects that artists and designers undertake with our willow. Scroll to the bottom of this page and have a look at some of their creations, visit their web sites, and see more of their work. Look at our Facebook page for lots of other photographs and great ideas

For florists, artists and designers we sell cuttings to grow your own willow from our collection, we sell fresh stems in season from our curly and our coloured varieties for your projects, and we sell sprays of catkin stems when they are in bloom between December and March.

To browse our collections and buy online  "Cuttings to grow" or "Willow for weaving" from the list on the left.  If you want something specific then contact us to discuss your requirements on 

Stems of catkins from our collection arrive at different times between December and March, if you would like to include them in your arrangements drop us an email and we will tell you what is available 

If you have something you want to create willow might be a great medium to work it is natural, sustainable and comes in beautiful colours, textures and shapes. We like bespoke projects and we love a challenge! From a wedding decoration, to an interior design installation or Cathedral centrepiece, willow might be the answer! Have a look at these links below.


Watch this video to see some beautiful catkins!                                    Cuttings for catkins                                         

                                                                            Catkins for floristry


        Willow stems for floristry      



RHS Chelsea 2017

Yet again willow plays an important role at Chelsea this year. Hurdles in the Broadland Boatbuilder garden, decorative balls from Alladio Sims, a beautiful chair being woven in the Linley Artisan Garden and the Peacocks surveying the scene at Garden Blanc. For me though the real highlight was Salix Exigua, the Coyote willow, given pride of place in the Gold Medal winning Bank of Canada Garden designed by Charlotte Harris. We hope to start growing that one next year!

Click on the picture below to see some willow highlights from the show.


Click on the pictures to visit the artists‘ web pages

The artist Sue Pyecroft made this beautiful willow Corona for the Royal visit to Leicester Cathedral.

It hung in the centre of the aisle in front of the Queen, Prince Philip and the Dutchess of Cambridge.

Sue is co artistic director of the Bamboozle Theatre Co.

photo by Neil at Plumb Images Leicester


 Willow artist and painter Mary-Ann Featherstone makes wonderful living willow structures.

Each one is unique and individually designed.

Many are run as projects in schools involving the children.

 Curly willow being delivered to ITV‘s This Morning studios for Laurence Llwellen Bowen to use!


Sarah Gallagher-
Hayes of twigtwisters creates living & dead willow sculptures of animals, people and abstract forms in all sizes!
 Sarah Gallagher-Hayes‘exhibit at RHS tatton Park in June  

 Below are some of the products that we sell to artists and designers but we have much more. Please contact us to talk about your project



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Order Willow rods for Weaving - Buff 

Willow rods for Weaving - Buff

Buff willow rods for weaving


Price from: £6.99

Order Willow weaving rods, dried - natural colours 

Willow weaving rods, dried - natural colours

Willow weaving rods - natural colours, dried


Price from: £7.49

Order Jute Ribbon for floristry & gift wrapping 

Jute Ribbon for floristry & gift wrapping

Beautiful natural jute ribbon for floristry and gift wrapping


Price from: £0.49

Order Long structural/strong rods - dried 

Long structural/strong rods - dried

long dried willow rods-Assorted sizes


Price from: £6.30

Order Strong Tissue Paper 

Strong Tissue Paper

Strong Tissue Paper for willow lanterns


Price from: £0.25

Order Red Curly 

Red Curly

Red Curly Erythroflexuosa


Price from: £3.60

Order Willow rods for weaving - White 

Willow rods for weaving - White

dried white willow rods for weaving


Price from: £11.40

Order Willow Weaving Rods - Freshly harvested 

Willow Weaving Rods - Freshly harvested

Willow Weaving Rods - Freshly harvested, natural colours


Price from: £7.99

Order Curly Willow Bunches 

Curly Willow Bunches

20 stems of fresh or dried curly willow, 3-4 tall


Price from: £12.00

Order Willow Weaving by Truus Stoland & Janny Roelofsen 

Willow Weaving by Truus Stoland & Janny Roelofsen

book on creating willow sculptures


Price from: £7.99


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