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- for Wildlife & Bees

Willow is such a wonderful plant, our wildlife and our livestock simply love it!

We keep our bee hives near the willow beds to give the bees an easy source of food, particularly at lean times of the year. We feed willow to our dairy goats and to our ponies where it is a valuable, tasty, supply of roughage. Our rabbits and guinea pigs can‘t get enough of the branches, they love to chew them, fresh or dried, and our chickens free range in the willow beds controlling pests and enjoying the shade! 

If you want to encourage bees and butterflies in your garden with an abundance of catkins, create a unique and attractive habitat for wildlife, or provide a ready supply of tasty fodder for your livestock or pets, willow really is worth planting. In these collections we have chosen the varieties that we think our creatures like the best. Let us know what yours think!

Have a look at this Youtube video, it shows the amazing variety of catkins that our willow create and you can see how the bees and insects love them!

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Order Caprea Lemon-rose 

Caprea Lemon-rose



Price from: £3.60

Order Speciality Selection - Livestock 

Speciality Selection - Livestock

A selection of cuttings from the willow that our livestock like the best


Price from: £6.99

Order Bori Pescara 

Bori Pescara



Price from: £3.60

Order Speciality Selection - Bees 

Speciality Selection - Bees

A selection of cuttings with some of the best catkins we know


Price from: £6.99

Order Semperflorens 


Almond Leaved or French Willow


Price from: £3.60

Order Blue Stem Willow 

Blue Stem Willow

Irrorata, blue stem willow


Price from: £3.60

Order Sachalinensis  

Sachalinensis "Sekka"

Dragon or Fish Tail willow


Price from: £3.60

Order Harrisons 


Purpurea x Viminalis x Rubra


Price from: £3.60

Order Nordica 




Price from: £3.60

Order Dasycladous 


Alberti x Dasycladous


Price from: £3.60


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