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Living Willow Rods - Humilis

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Humilis is a ornamental willow develops into a low, wide arching shrub about 2m (6‘) tall if coppiced and over 3m (10‘) if left. It is quite branched and makes an eye-catching willow particularly in Spring. It is great for making a bushy hedge or screen.The stems are olive green/red at the butt through to dark red at the tip. Bright red buds form along the length over winter and fatten in the Spring. The new leaves start a bright orange/red colour which contrasts well with the almost acid green colour of the slightly older growth. The leaves are broad and shaped almost like a Bay leaves with pink leaf veins and bright pink stalks.This is an eye-catching ornamental willow particularly in the spring. Left to its own devices it forms an attractive rambling hedge.This willow is often used for flower arranging, creating winter colour, as an ornamental willow and for hedging and windbreak. Each rod is 190-200cm tall and we sell them in packs of 10 rods.

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