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Living willow rods - Golden Willow Rod

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Great for living structures, this willow does not have the intense yellow of some of the other Alba Vitellina hybrids but is a beautiful combination of attractive winter colour and very long straight unbranched rods. This make it wonderful for adding colour to living structures or creating a colourful hedge or windbreak. 

Nice and flexible, this willow can also be woven fresh with ease, great for agricultural basketry. 

This can be a very fast growing willow so you will need to keep it in check and coppice annually to get the best colours and to prevent it becoming a tree. Rods have a green butt getting yellower towards the tip and finishing with a red blush, bright red buds stand out against the stem. 

Each rod is around 190-200cm tall and we sell them in bundles of 10 rods.

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