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School science experiment

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This is a wonderful children's science experiment, just watch willow cuttings grow into small rooted trees on the window ledge! You will receive 20 willow stem cuttings 10-12" tall, details of the willow variety in your pack, and a leaflet with pictures descibing what will happen over the next few weeks as the trees develop. All you need to do is put each cutting in a clear container (glass jar or plastic pint mug) add water and watch. 

First you will see the section of stem underwater develop root nodules, these will then swell over a few days and eventually start sending out roots that will fill the base of the container. Next the stem leaf nodes will swell above the water and after a little while send out groups of leaves. Before long you will have a small tree on the window ledge!

This is a great activity for Forest schools or classes and teacher who want a better look at how stem cuttins grow. Normally it is all happening underground. If you are planting any cuttings or creating a living willow structure it is a lovely add on to demonstrate in the classroom what is happening in the garden. A nice addition to the runnerbeans on the classroom window if there is space!


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