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Long structural/strong rods - dried

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These tall dried rods are great for supports or structural willow. They can be used to create uprights in your weaving perhaps in a wigwam for your runner beans or to create supports in an indoor den. They are the natural colour of the willow variety that they are from, usually green/brown. They are upto about 0.5 to 1cm at the butt and tapering to the tip. They are flexible and will bend even when dry, but are not fine enough to weave with - even after soaking. We sell them in 3 sizes, bundles of 15 or 30 at 18-20cm tall for structural purposes, bundles of 20 slightly shorter sturdy rods at 12-18cm tall and bundles of 30 even shorter sturdy rods at 12-15cm tall as supports. You can choose length and quantity from the purchase options box top right. Please note if the rods are oversized we will trim the tops as these are for structual use.

Please note, the delivery on long lengths is expensive. The carriers put surcharges on anything over 160cm but you can get up to 20kg sent for the same price so don't order too few!

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