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Jute Ribbon for floristry & gift wrapping

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We just had to put this lovely Jute ribbon on the site because so many people ask us where they can get it! We use it to wrap our willow bundles and weaving kits and its great for floristry as well. This jute ribbon is a lovely environmentally friendly gift wrap, spun from long, strong vegetable fibers and woven with artfully frayed edges. We think that it adds a beautiful, natural look to your gifts or your flowers.

This ribbon is 5cm (2") wide and comes in a choice of 9 different colors. We sell it by the meter, choose your colour using the arrow by the side of the STYLE tab in the purchase options box above then select the length of your ribbon in the quantity box below it.

Colours are Lilac, Apple Green, Burgundy, Ecru (pale beige), Yellow, Orange, Dark Green, Royal Blue, Bright Red

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